The Executive Committee/Trustees 2014-2015


President: John Allan


Vice Presidents: Professor Bryony Coles, Ms. Frances Griffith, Miss Deborah Griffiths, Professor Valerie Maxfield, Mrs. Henrietta Quinnell, Professor Andrew Fleming

Chairman: Dr. Eileen Wilkes

Vice Chairman: Mr. Bill Horner


Honorary Officers:

* Hon. Secretary Miss Debbie Griffiths
* Hon. Treasurer Mr. Alastair Ainsworth
* Hon. Editor Professor Valerie Maxfield
* Hon. Winter Meetings Secretary Mr Bill Horner
* Assistant Hon. Secretary Vacancy
* Assistant Hon. Treasurer Mr John Smith
* Membership Secretary Dr John Salvatore
* Assistant Hon. Editor: Vacancy

Officers with special responsibilities:

* Newsletter Editor D. Richard Sandover

* Librarian Miss Jacqueline Cummins
* Publications Officer Mrs. Jill Cobley

*Lecture Courses Co-ordinator: Professor Valerie Maxfield

* Site Clearance Working Parties & Equipment Officer Dr. Richard Sandover
* Webmaster Mrs. Amanda Eversett (assisted by J. Eversett)
* Co-ordinators of Young Archaeologists Ms. Cressida Whitton assisted by Ms Mandy Kingdom and Ms. Charlotte Coles
* Seminar and Training Officer Mrs. Henrietta Quinnell

* Outreach Officer: Mrs. Amanda Eversett assisted by Mrs Brenda Parsons

*Society Spokesperson: Please contact President

*Business and Premises Manager: Miss Debbie Griffiths


Other Members of the Executive Committee:

Dr Paul Bidwell, Dr Paul Rainbird, Mr. David Spencer.

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